Building a brighter future for Australians affected by disasters.

Australia’s horror 2019-20 bushfire season is seared into the hearts and minds of many.

We all remember the devastating images of this disaster – flames jumping across roads, uncontrollable firestorms consuming properties and destroying wildlife… But what we might not think about is the personal impact this disaster continues to have on bushfire affected communities – particularly on people who lost loved ones, or suffered significant damage to their property.

Sadly, many families are still struggling with the financial and emotional impact of this disaster. For those who were uninsured for damages, these struggles appear to have no end. It is estimated that roughly 3500 homes were lost in recent bushfires, of which, 60% of those were under insured! This equates to roughly 5000 people who have lost their homes and currently do not have enough funds to rebuild their home.

That is a huge setback for these families, and they need help. Although the fires have long been extinguished, many of these family are still in temporary housing situation and still living with the impacts of this disaster.

That’s where we come in. And where your help can make a real difference.


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Welcome to Rebuild Foundation

Rebuild Foundation is an Australian charity that provides prefabricated homes and building services to people affected by natural disasters, including the recent Australian bushfires.

We know that after a disaster it’s vital people are able to rebuild their lives quickly, and a big part of this comes with having the safety and security of a home.

Our homes are prefabricated off site which helps towards a quicker building time – usually within 12-20 weeks – which means we can get families out of temporary living arrangements and into their own homes sooner. With several home designs to choose from, we’re able to cater for most families’ needs.

Our homes are also built with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. We use sustainably sourced wood, low VOC paints and non-toxic glues to ensure we leave a positive impact on the environment. Homes are designed to ensure they have a high fire standard rating which helps ensure residents are better equipped for the future.


Help us get more bushfire affected families into a new home

Right now, we’re working with bushfire affected families in NSW to get as many people as we can into a new home. We keep our costs low to ensure every family has the chance to rebuild their lives, no matter what their financial situation.

Your donation, combined with other grant funding programs, directly goes to ensure that homes are built for these families and covers the building cost. As a Not-For-Profit, all proceeds directly go to ensuring victims receive a new home. It is our goal, to ensure that each family will receive a brandnew home, 100% free.

This, however, is only possible with the generosity of our partners, donors and individuals such as yourself.

As a charity, any donation over $2 is tax deductible and we have families that are currently waiting. We need your support and gratefully appreciate your generosity.

If you have any further questions or interested in discovering more, contact us today and see how you can make a lasting impact.

From the team at Rebuild Foundations,
Thank you.


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